Ted Cruz-It’s You, Not Us!

Barack Obama is far from being considered among the great American presidents, but Republicans insist that whatever problems are confronting America are his fault. When Republican Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, the National Debt was $900,000,000,000, When he left the presidency it was $2.5 Trillion. When his successor, Republican President Bush left office it was $5 trillion. When Democratic President Bill Clinton left office it was still $5 trillion,k but he gave newly elected President George Bush a budget that had a surplus. When this George Bush left office, the national debt had risen to $11 Trillion and the idea of a balanced budget had disappeared.

Under the administration of George Bush thousands of illegal immigrants entered the country, does anyone recall a single word of protest from Republicans? Under the Obama administration TWICE THE NUMBER OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN SENT BACK TO MEXICO. So, who does Senator Ted Cruz blame for illegal immigrants? Everyone knows the answer. He blasted President Obama for allowing illegal immigrant children to gain refuge with relatives in America. Such is the high crime and thus the next step is IMPEACHMENT!!