Ted Cruz Wants To Know Why?

Senator Ted Cruz wants to know why? He wants to know why four Americans died in Libya. He wants to know why they died. He wants to know if President Obama and Secretary of State wanted them dead. He wants to know who else in the government wanted them dead. He wants to know if they wanted themselves to be dead. He wants to know how much money he can raise for raising these questions. He also wants Republican congressmen to continue posing the why question. He also wants to know why the United States had an ambassador in Libya. As part of his campaign to get money he is posing the following questions:
Why didn’t the military respond to the attacks in Libya?
Were there military assets in the region which were available?
Who made the decision not to intervene?

Let me offer some responses to his why questions:

1. Once the four were dead, it was too late to respond to anyone.
2. Yes, there were assets in the region.
3. The president of the United States did not make any decision to respond. Nor, does he nor the Secretary of State decide what local military commanders do. Of course, Ted might argue that prior to any use of any weapon, the person with the weapon must first check with the Secretary of State and the President prior to blasting away.

Oh, should the President and the Secretary of State decide who in America can respond to any crime? Just asking.

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