Ted Nugent, Nut Case Of Day!

Historically, American politics is anything but a vicious fight between opponents who want to pound their enemy into the ground. However, this year is witnessing anger and hate  unknown to the world of political dispute. Ted Nugent, a rocker, is proud of hating Barack Obama who he terms to be, “vile,” “evil,”  “America hating” and most probably an African immigrant who seeks OUR presidency.  Mr. Nugent believes “there are some power-abusing, corrupt monsteres in our  federal government that despise me because I have the audacitgy to speak the truth.” He compares himself to a “black Jew at a Klan rally.”

Naturally, Mitt Romney seeks the support  of this  hate speaking individual. Mr. Romney has one goal in mind-winning. He has already provided evidence the Devil himself is being courted for support. Mtt would sell his soul for a vote, what would he be willing to give up for a few hundred votes–his wife?