Teenage Sex In Germany Not A Criminal Act

Germany’s ruling coalition government has come up with a new proposal that is designed to prevent teens from being sexualy abused or exploited. However, the new proposal will not criminalize normal teenage sexual relations. The original plan was to make it a crime for teenagers between 14 and 17 who offered money for someone to have sex with them to be charged with a crime. But, upon further consideration legislators feared the language of the bill opened the door for someone to be charged with soliciting sex because he offered to take a girl out to a dinner or movie. The legislation maintains that anyone 18 or older who purchased sex from an underage individual could be prosecuted.

The law will not prosecute teenagers who have pictures of other teenagers who are naked or posing in a provocative manner. In modern times, teenagers spend considerable time emailing one another and sometimes they email rather raunchy materials. Such is teenage life in 2008.

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