Tehran Human Chain Defies Ahmadinejad!

The city of Tehran witnessed the largest turnout of people in decades as supporters of the reform ticket of Hossein Mousavi formed a fifteen mile chain of humans that stretched across the capital in order to show the disgust millions of Iranians have for the policies of President Ahmadinejad. The human chain ran the entire 15 mile length of Valisar Avenue, the capital’s main north-south road. Ahmadinejad tried to match this huge demonstration by busing in thousands of people from other areas of Iran, but his crowd grew so large that he was unable to give a speech. Mousavi, who was Iran’s prime minister in the 1980s has a reputation of being honest and incorruptible. Ali Safari, a businessman told reporters: “It’s like what happened before the revolution in 1979. Everything is focused on one point, and that’s to get real change.”

There were many young women in the crowd who wore makeup and tight fitting jeans under their hijab and as Neda Ahmadi noted: “Ahmadinejad has done nothing good for our country. Musawi can improve Iran’s relations with other countries and focus on or own people’s needs.” There were many anti-Ahmadinejad placards in the crowd and chants of “Ahmadi, bye-bye.” It is believed a high turnout for the election bodes well for the success of Mousavi.