Ten Things To Make Washington D.C. Effective

Following are ten things that would improve the climate of Washington D.C.

1. Each member of Congress must weekly submit their meal costs and how they were paid.

2. A lie detector test taken after each vote in Congress. The question is: “Was your vote influenced by a lobbyist?”

3. All members of Congress tith 10% of salaries to pay the National Debt.

4. One cliche to a speech.

5. Only one reference to God during the week in a speech.

6. One mistress per member of Congress every two years.

7. A nightly walk through a poverty area by anyone who opposes gun control.

8. No member of Congress can use the government health care program.

9. Each Congressman must inform constituents of how a bill voted on creates jobs.

10. Prior to running for Congress, the candidate must have been engaged in two years of public service to the country.