Ten Ways To Got To Jail In Iran

The arrest of two German journalists in Iran who dared to interview the son of a woman condemned to death by stoning makes clear if one seeks to find the interior of jail in Iran just follow our outline on what to do. Here is our list for the easiest ways to gain admittance to the fine food of an Iranian prison.

1. Interview anyone who has a relative currently in jail.

2. Tell the police you only speak Hebrew.

3. Walk beside a woman dressed only in a bikini.

4. Sing Hatikvah in a nice loud Yiddish accent.

5. Tell a cop you are a Sunni seeking to make out with a Shiite broad.

6. Ask directions to the nearest Bahai temple.

7. Say out loud, “Ahmadinejad needs a good shave from an American barber.”

8. Tell people at customs you are on a special assignment for Obama.

9. Openly display a copy of Playboy magazine.

10. Ask a cop if it is true Khamenei has Alzhimer’s?