Terminator Seeks Termination Of Constitution

The economy has hit rock bottom, people are witnessing the decline of their price of homes, terrorism is all over the world, Afghanistan is in turmoil, and the situation in Iraq leaves much to be desired, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California believes it is important for the states of America to put their problems on hold in order to change the Constitution and make it possible for foreign born individuals to become president of the United States. If the Constitution was changed, the Terminator would jump in at the opportunity to terminate any opposing candidate in order to win the election. “I am always the person that looks for the next big goal. I love challenges.” Arnold apparently believes his record as governor would be enough to earn him entry to the White House.

He points out that Ronald Reagan was right about spending time in Hollywood before entering politics. Ron once said l”if he wouldn’t have the training in acting, this would have been a very difficult job.” Let’s see, Ron as president doubled the national debt, set in motion a crazy belief in ending government controls over business, broke unions, didn’t give a damn about civil rights, helped Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran, etc…Yes, Ron and Arnie are perfect examples of how acting can cover up incompetence.