Terminator Terminates Aid To Ex-Wife

I admit to inhabiting a universe that has no connection with the rich and powerful of this nation. I was divorced, my children remained with their mother and I paid my ex-spouse financial support for many years. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, cheated on his wife with an employee who worked in their home, and for some reason Maria Shriver decided enough was enough so hasta la vista amigo hubby. The Terminator has made clear he will not pay his ex-spouse any money nor will he assume legal costs for the divorce. The damn divorce arose because of his actions, NOT her actions!. I guess the bottom line is that Arnold ran as a Republican, he served as governor as a Republican and he thinks like a Republican. The Republican philosophy is, we create violence, we create war, we create hate, but, damn it, YOU pay the cost of what WE began!

This is a sick tale of a sick mind who regards himself as having the right to screw who he darn well pleases and if his wife does not like it, she can hit the road without a damn cent from him.