Terrible Economic News!

Each month statistics are released concerning the state of America’s economy, and each month the news gets worse and worse. Latest figures are that unemployment has dropped from 7.6% to 7%! Imagine, unemployment is growing lower and lower! Americans were informed by our leading Fox News economists that if Democrats led by the radical Barack Obama were placed in charge of our economy, the result would be disaster! Just imagine, if an intelligent and well trained businessman like Mitt Romney was the president, our unemployment rate would be 9%. A 9% unemployment figure enable our beloved Job Creators to have a larger group of people desperate for work and willing to accept lower wages. Lower wages means more money for Job Creators and a better life for their children. If our Job Creators are happy, if their family is happy, then they are happier.

OK, so 203,000 new jobs were created. But, if we had more unemployed and more money in the hands of Job Creators, then more yachts could be sold and more jobs working on yachts created. Why oh why did Americans fail to understand the key to happy lives for all in the country depends on happy lives for Job Creators.