Terrified Plane Crew Rescued By Passengers

We have seen many motion pictures in which there is a calamity on a plane,  passengers are frightened, the cabin crew is calm and organized, and, in the end, all leave the plane in safety. Alas, that was not the case on a flight between Copenhagen and Aalborg. The left motor caught fire. A passenger described the crew’s behavior. A stewardess “was just sitting and staring completely stiff with fear.. she was  completely paralyzed. She only called the cockpit when I asked her if she ought to take charge. Then she walked to the other end of the plane and I didn’t see her again.”

Another passenger said there were no instructions from the flight crew, no warnings about a sudden landing, they were too busy sitting in their  seats, praying, I assume. NO one even told passengers to put on their seat belt.

I await a new film, entitled: “The Scared Crew.”