Terroist Plot Or Summer Fantasies In Canada?

According to Canadian prosecutors a group known as the Toronto 18 were part of a terrorist gang that was prepared to institute bombng activity and were in posssession of bomb makig material. The prosecutor spoke on the first day of testimony in which a boy, three other young men and 14 adults are being charged with attending a jihadist training camp where they developed plans to engage in truck bombing activities. The defense attorney sharply denied the charges and insisted it was nothing more than a fantasy dreamed up by a meglomaniac who has a penchant for boasting. The prosecutor introduced into evidence a 9-mm pistol seized from a Toronto home and shell casings found at a camp where some of the accused attended. Defense attorney Mitchell Chernovsky insisted the men and boys talked but never implemented any of their stories into reality.

As the defense attorney notes, a major part of the prosecuting attorney’s argument is the discovery of a 9-mm pistol. He derided the lack of any concrete evidence the group had done anything other than sit around and tell stories about what they would like to do.

We live in times when youthful boasts become serious plots. So, what do boys talk about around summer time campfires?