Terror Continues Against Iraq Women

The Bush invasion of Iraq has resulted in great changes within that nation, but, among the most unfortunate has been the rising mistreatment of women by radical Islamists. A few days ago, in the southern city of Basra, Iraqi police found the mutilated bodies of three young Iraqi women who most probably had committed “terrible crimes” such as going out in public or smoking a cigarette or trying to run a business in order to support a family. Two of the women had bullets in their head and one had her head cut off. Basra has witnessed droves of women who have been killed and their corpses left in garbage dumps. The killings are most probably by Islamist groups who intend to enforce their conservative way of life on the women of Iraq.

Even in Kurdish areas, women are being murdered, usually for some reason of violating family “honor” by falling in love with a man who is not liked by her family. In the process of establishing a “democracy” in Iraq, the women of the nation have lost rights they even had in Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime.