Terror In Tahrir Square

Every so often stories appear concerning some of the men who are protesting against  Egyptian military power and claiming to  want a democratic nation that make one wonder who are the bad and who are the good guys. There have been stories from Egypt in which Coptic Christians are beaten and their churches defaced by men who want “democracy.” Natasha Smith, a correspondent has published her account of being in Tahrir Square during a demonstration against Mubarak.

She was walking with two friends when men suddenly attacked her. They “began to rip off  my clothes. I was stripped naked. Hundreds of men pulled my limbs apart. and threw me around.” Fortunately, some women came to her rescue and gave her a burqa and a kind man helped her get through the crowd. Other female correspondents have also been assaulted.

There are men and women in Egypt seeking a democratic nation that allows freedom of religion. There are men and women in Egypt seeking to impose their religious ideas on all who reside in Egypt. The issue is which will prevail. Who knows? Does God know?