There is terror in the streets of Bahrain, a nation in which most people are Shiite Muslims and the ruling class is Sunni Muslim. During the past several weeks, people have gone into the streets seeking changes in government that lead to a more representative form of government. Ironically, their initial desires was not to overthrow the Sunni monarchy, but to make the government more inclusive. The government has responded to those pleas with a policy of brutal force. At least 32 doctors have been arrested for attempting to care of those injured in street fighting. One doctor, an intensive care specialist, was held after someone photographed him weeping over a dead protester’s body. Another was arrested while in the process of performing surgery on a human being.

Emails are being sent by Bahrain medical staff concerning the manner in which government officials are interfering in the normal course of medical care. One wrote, “Interrogation committees question me about our role in treating the injured protesters, who are considered now criminals for protesting against the government.” He went on to charge that many doctors are being arrested at midnight and then disappearing inside a prison system which blocks interference with their procedures.

We wonder if the Obama administration is considering use of our air power to end this dictatorship of violence?