Terror Intensifies In Zimbabwe

A top leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe was arrested and became the most senior members of MDC to be thrown into jail. Arthur Mutambara was accused of insulting President Mugabe whose wife several days ago charged the MDC as the group responsible for fostering violence in the nation. Mutambara was arrested “for publishing falsehoods and for contempt of court for an opinion article he wrote in April which criticised the president of Zimbabwe. The editor of the main opposition newspaper, The Standard, was arrested last week for writing similar falsehoods against the current government which has wrecked the economy and destroyed democracy. Three fellow MDC lawmakers have been arrested over the past few weeks as Mugabe ramps up his campaign of intimidation and terror.

Last week, by accident, the body of Tonderai Ndira, an activist for MDC, was found. His eyes had been gouged out and his tongue cut off. Given claims by Mrs. Mugabe that MDC is responsible for terror one can only assume she will now insist Ndira was killed by MDC to cast suspicion on her wonderful husband and damage his unblemished record of supporting democracy!!