Terror Of Wealth

We are fortunate that Mitt Romney decided to allow the American people an opportunity to run for the presidency. This meant at least one honest, dependable person was involved in the act of governing our nation. Imagine the United States of America without the presence of one who had wealth? After all, from day one of our independence someone from the upper class has been willing to provide less fortunate Americans an opportunity to vote for their superiors. Rachel Sacks has a sugar daddy who lots and lots of money. When she goes into Gristede to shop, this poor young girl has to overcome stares of derision from those who lack her money! Rachel told her Facebook “friends:” “Don’t hate me because I am rich.” Frankly, “the attention is, I like it.” All eyes on her wherever she goes!

“I am sorry that I was born with great financial opportunities that my father likes to provide me.” Finally, someone who is above me is telling the truth. Mitt attempted to inform America, and few listened. There are those who have “it,” and the schmucks who do not have “it.” At least understand this nation was destined to be ruled by Rachel Sacks and her rich daddy. Why not understand that those with “it” are our natural rulers? Just ask the Tea Party