Terrorism And Children

A group calling itself “Advocates for Justice for Children” is protesting against the trail of a teenager on charges related to terrorism. W.B.’s age was 15 on his identify card when arrested although it appears he is really 17. But, in either case, W.B. is a teen age boy facing charges that he engaged in some form of terrorism. The government claims a hospital report placed his age at 21 which certainly raises questions how hospitals can determine how a 17 year ol is really 21 years old. His sister, Hulya says her brother was seized on the streets and has been in jail for over a year without a trial or conviction.

We live in an era in which the wrong word, the wrong web site accessed, the wrong look, and certainly the wrong associations can result in criminal prosecution. In Turkey, the Anti-Terror Law or TMK, allows children to be tried as adults and takes them away from protection of juvenile court. Children are NOT adults.