Terrorism Forever And Forever!

To be an American in the year 2013 or 2014 or whatever, is to accept the concept that our government is going to protect each and everyone from the evils of those TERRORISTS! It has now been revealed that the National Security Agency has the legal right to examine our emails and our phone calls without seeking a warrant from any legal authority. Senator Ron Wyden, unlike many other “liberal” US senators has not bought into the Obama theory of unlimited protection to we Americans whether we desire it or not. He uncovered the loophole- under Section 702 of the Fisa Amendments Act the NSA has the authority to target without a warrant communications from non-US citizens. OK, just argue that if you called someone in England and they responded the response was from a non-US citizen which enables the NSA to listen in. I assume we Americans knew all about this loophole.

I am aware that President Obama, former constitutional law professor, would never do anything that violates the US Constitution. I assume he believes the intent of those who wrote the Constitution was to empower the president and agencies to check into the daily lives of American citizens. Just check the Bill of Rights!