Terrorism In America

The great fear of Americans is that terrorists would secretly enter our land and engage in acts of violence and death. It now appears we Americans have been worried about the wrong terrorists. They now reside in our land openly and legally. Their names are even known to us–John Boehner, Ted Cruz and those who follow the violent ideas of the Tea Party. The American government is in a stae of paralysis. Not a single bomb has been exploded, not a single American has been killed, but terrorists not only roam our streets, but the Halls of Congress. Millions of words have been written about the campaign to end the Affordable Care Act. Let me summarize:

1.. Congress in 2010 passed a bill called the Affordable Care Act. Now called, Obamacare.

2. The president signed the bil making it a law.

3. The Supreme Court heard a challenge to the law and decided it was legal.

4. Republicans claim “the American people” oppose the law.

5. In the past election Barack Obama ran on a platform supporting the law and Mitt Romney promised to repeal it if elected. He was defeated.

6. Republicans now claim “the Ameerican people” oppose the law. I repeat this statement because Republicans repeat and repeat their claim “the American people” oppose the law.

Republicans are terrorists. They refuse to obey the law that “the American people” apparently want since they vote for the man who supports the law and rejected the man who opposes the law.