Terrorism In Great Britain?

The British government claims to have uncovered an organized effort by terrorists in the country to carry out some undisclosed attacks on undisclosed targets. Police discovered photographs of several sites in Manchester and other cities. Security forces say the 11 detained Pakistani nationals might have entered the country using student visas in order to create a sleeper cell. Prime Minister Gordon Brown says police have foiled a “very big terrorist plot.” The operation which included the men plus a Briton was to have originated in a tribal area. Bob Quick, head of specialist operations, resigned after he walked into 10 Downing Street carrying papers under his arms that could be seen by the media.

As usual, the entire operation was traced back to Pakistani roots. Surprise! The media asked if this would be another example of stories from the government of terrorist plots but no convictions due to lack of evidence. Government sources could only say they had evidence, but there is no indication it is sufficient to convict anyone.