Terrorism Myths Abound

Future historians when examining the past decade will shake their heads in confusion about our fear of “terrorism.” Ask an American his/her greatest concern and the “terrorism” issue will emerge near the top of the list. OK, they don’t have a job, they lack medical insurance, their children are facing college tuition bills that are outrageous, but for most Americans they are frightened about “terrorism.” After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush told this nation we face a serious threat from terrorists and should be on guard at all moments. Nine years have passed and not another terrorist attack in America. During this time period over two hundred thousand Americans died from car accidents and more were killed by bee bites than at the hands of any terrorist. We have become a nation paralyzed in fear of the unknown which we believe contains terrible events. From June, 1940 to June 1941 the people of England were subject to nightly attacks by the German air force. Germany had conquered all of western Europe and Britain stood alone against an army that vastly outnumbered their own. Prime Minister Winston Churchill did not go around warning people of unknown dangers. He informed the German armed forces they would be met on the beaches and England’s brave young aviators rose to the skies every night and, despite being outnumbered, they won the air war.

Let’s examine the so-called threat of “terrorism.”

1. If American airports in September, 2001 had simply adopted then established Israeli plane embarking procedures not a single terrorist would have gotten on a plane.
2. The US government throughout 2001 received reports of a possible major event by Osama bin Laden and ignored the warnings.
3. There were NO TERRORISTS in Iraq until the stupid Bush invasion brought them into that country.
4. Failure on the part of Bush in the fall of 2001 to quickly train an Afghan army, insist on an honest Afghan government were the factors that resulted in the current war in Afghanistan.
5. George Bush was the greatest recruiter of terrorists in history.
6. Normal police procedures can be effective in dealing with criminals. From now on call them what they are –criminals.
7. We enlarge the power of criminals by terming them all powerful and able to do terrible things. We allow them to boast of their power when we express fear about the future.
8. Terrorists can kill. But, the vast majority of these criminals are found in nations mired in poverty and ignorance. How about making clear to the Saudi Arabian government it must cease funding madrassas which spout anti-West hatred or they can defend themselves? Saudi Arabia is a greater threat to world peace than all the terrorists put together.
9. If one lives in fear, then fear is the master, not the servant.

  • Tony Strollo

    Don’t blame it all on Bush. Both sides of the aisle are responsible. Face the real facts.

  • Sam G.

    Everthing he said is true. Bush also lowered taxes while doubling government spending in the middle of two wars. One of which was nothing more than getting revenge on Saddam and Iraq for making his father look like the moron he is.

  • Jack Patrick

    Another “Ostrich” with his head in the or maybe it’s in a body orfice? The Muslims are just waiting for the right time and the right place. Probably the most logical time will be on the tenth anniversary or 9/11/11. Since the bastards are so superstitious and believe in a prophet Possessed by demons and a god (allah) that doesn’t exist. I mean, who in the hell commits suicide (bombings) taking others with him, on a promise of receiving 72 virgins as a reward from Allah? Yeah buddy, these are some Einstein Muslims!
    Don’t be fooled by these assholes, they want strike the US again until the time is right and they can double or triple the deaths.