Terrorism Turns Into Terrorism

Many had great hopes with the election of a former professor of constitutional law that days of George Bush and ignoring of human rights would soon end. Alas, that was then,and now is now. The only certainty of the modern armed state is that whoever is in charge, the end result is always entrusting government with power even if it comes at the expense of traditional freedom. The Justice Department admitted that in its quest to uncover the source of a story about a terrorist plot in Yemen, it had obtained two months of phone records by reporters for AP. Naturally, justification is NATIONAL SECURITY. When in doubt just use those two beautiful words and anything can be seized and used.

Actually, the story occured last year about an al-Qaida plot to bomb a plane from Yemen. AP got the story and agreed not to publish it while the operation was under way. Finally, it published on Monday and ignored an Obama request to hold off. This is simply one more example of the Obama adminsitration seeking to outdo the Bush administration in its zeal to protect the American people and their freedom by taking away their freedom.

During the Vietnam war an officer said the village had to be destroyd in order to save it from the Viet Cong.