Terrorists Defending Islam Bomb Islamic University!!

I admit to being often confused regarding thinking on the part of Muslim terrorists, particularly on their choices of where to bomb and whom to kill. However, the latest episode is unbelievable. Two Islamic bombers entered Islamabad’s International Islamic University and blew themselves up along with innocent Muslims! One of the bombers decided to head for the cafeteria in the women’s section and another decided the place to explode was by the Shariah faculty! Ironically, a seminar on “Jihad in the Media” was being held and some students were complaining some of their peers were attracted to the violence being propogated in their nation. A further irony might be those who were attracted to violence are now either wounded or dead at the hands of the terrorists they so admired.

Blood in an Islamic university dedicated to the study of the Muslim religion.

FLASH! We have unconfirmed reports al-Qaeda blames Zionist spies working for the Taliban for the attacks at the International Islamic University.