Terry Jones And Religion Of Fear

Terry Jones is a Christian minister who believes in the Protestant religion. I assume that means his heart is filled with love for all creatures on this planet since that is what Jesus Christ preached two thousand years ago. I do not recall that Jesus urged any of his followers to hate those who opposed their point of view. Terry Jones is a Protestant Christian minister who urges his followers to hate. Today, they are to hate all Muslims, tomorrow, who knows which group to hate. Terry Jones decided to halt a book burning and guess which book he wanted to burn? Naturally, the Koran. A crowd gathered for the festive feast of book burning, the book was burned, a few prayers were said to their lord, Jesus Christ, and then they went home, filled with glee at their attack on Muslims. Of course, it is quite possible the grandparents of these people attended lynching festivities held by the KKK in which all had hearts filled with glee at the sight of some nigger swinging from a tree.

In Afghanistan, a Muslim Terry Jones urged his followers to kill infidels. They stormed out of the mosque, headed for the UN compound and proceeded to butcher about twenty innocent humans who had come to their land with peace and love in their hearts. We inhabit a world in which the Terry Jones flock of ministers of hate enjoy too much power.

Up in Heaven, Jesus is shedding tears because some humans were hacked to pieces. I hope Mohammed is sitting next to him with tear filled eyes.