Test Scores Forever

New York City Mayor Bloomberg is mighty upset at test scores released by the state of New York. They reveal that New York City schoolchildren in grades 3-8 had significant drop in their reading and math scores. Only 31% passed versus 55% last year. Let me review reasons for this decline according to that noted educational leader, Mike Bloomberg:

1, Teachers once again failed to do their job.

2. Last year the tests were too easy.

3. I assume this means this year the tests were too hard.

4. Somehow the Teacher Union is to blame.

Finland has the best educational system in the world.

1. They do not give tests to young children.

2. Teachers have the power to decide what and how things are taught.

3. Children play at least half the school day.

4. Teachers are highly paid as well as highly empowered to make educational decisions.

How about going the Finland direction?