Texas, Land Of Death

Texas is both a state of mind and a place in which there are human inhabitants. Texas is the home of those who believe killing is simply a way to demonstrate to God that one is a good Christian. Texas is a land of plenty for a few and a land of poverty for many. Texas believes fervently that if one kills a “bad person” then other “bad people” will become good people. Edgar Tamayo is a mentally disabled individual who murdered an innocent person. He was a citizen of Mexico and thus entitled, as any foreigner is when charged with crimes when in a strange land, to assistance from his embassy. Americans overseas immediately contact the US Embassy when charged with a crime. It is an international right recognized by International Courts. The recent death by drugs of Dennis McGuire took 25 agonizing minutes to accomplish.

Former President Bush urged states to recognize our obligations in America to respect the right to consular assistance. Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Texas Governor Rick Perry to hold off on the death sentence for Tamayo and work with Mexican officials. Hell man! This is TEXAS! This is the land where one can kill and kill. Of course, when George Bush was governor of the state he never gave prevented an execution of someone convicted in a courtroom.

It is nice to know that George Bush “found God” and became a new man. Rick Perry doesn’t worry about finding God, all he has to do is look in the mirror.