Texas Leads In Murder

I served in the US Army along with many young men from the state of Texas. They made clear to me and others that being born in the state of Texas created a Texas state of mind that held possession of a “tough mind” to be the hallmark of what a man is all about. Since the year 2002 three women have been executed in the state of Texas in order to make clear it does not make one bit of difference if the person to be executed is male or female. Heck,former Governor George Bush never once gave clemency to anyone scheduled for death because the rule of the jury was final to his Texas state of mind. Suzanne Basso is the latest women to die of a lethal injection and she will die because Texas will not surrender its number one position in executing people. Ms. Basso lured a mentally disabled man to Texas and, along with four others, beat him to death. There is no question a human being died in a horrible manner.

The others who participated in the beatings, all men, were not given a death sentence, only Ms. Basso. As of this date, there is no clear evidence that she actually participated in the beatings. But, heck, this is Texas, a real he-man’s state. I assume they will play “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” as she slowly dies!