Texas Not On My Mind

The state of Texas weighs heavily on the minds of Americans because scarecely a day goes by without some idiot legislator offering another attack on human rights  — in the name of saving babies. A new abortion bill would have made difficult maintaining those in operation so, thank God, state senator Wendy Davis decided to fillibuster this piece of trash. She stood on her own two feet for  10 hours and 45 minutes in an effort to prevent a vote on this bill. Of course, she used the same tactics utilized by Republicans in the US Congress, but she was speaking in favor of women rights so it must be bad.

The bill had to be voted on prior to midnight but she went on and on and on. Ms. Davis was assited by people in the public gallery who shouted their support. L. Governor David Dewhurst claimed this mob prevented a vote, midnight came without one and he decided trying to change the date, but that did not work. After all, lying in defense of the unborn is perfectly legal.

The bigots will try again next year and the year after that one. As Ms. Davis noted: “What purpose does this bill serve? ..a desire to limit women’s access to safe, healthy, legal, constitutionally protected abortions int he state of Texas?”