Texas On Our Minds

The good people of Texas have been leaders in fighting the evil of Islamic terrorism. Led by the brightest governor in this nation, Rick Perry, Texans  have challenged American Muslim groups and insist that any Islamic terrorist should be locked up for life, or even better, sent to the gas chamber for an encounter with death. Texans watch Fox News which is the only network that understands how the American people are threatened by evil Muslims. Unfortunately, during the past month there have been several incidents in which decent God fearing Americans, including those from Texas, were gunned down–not by Muslim terrorists, but by Christian  terrorists! As of this date no Islamic person has gunned down anyone from the state of Texas!

J.R. McClelland, son of Mike McClelland, a prosecutor who was recently murdered, has openly blamed the Aryan Brotherhood for this assault. He terms the murder of his father an example of “domestic terrorism.” I agree. The real danger facing America is not from Muslims, it is from Christian terrorists who pose as defenders of America. Texas, you have me the enemy and he is you.