Texas Schools Take Stand Against Sexting

Texas is a progressive state which has sent a message to the United States, if not the world, that the most important issue confronting this nation is sexting. Oh, there are some minor issues like not having medical care for forty five million people, but when Texas authorities get down to the nitty gritty of what is the greatest challenge to American youth, they invariably come down on the right side. After all, Texas school officials have taken the lead to cease teaching children the ungodly ideas of scientists about evolution. Would you believe it-some people think we humans are descended from monkeys!!

Schools in Houston, Mesquite and other concerned school districts have banned “sending, sharing, viewing or possessing electronic or any other form on a cellphone” of sexually stimulating images. After all, if not for cell phone images, where in heck could any teenager obtain a sexually stimulating image?

The problem with Texas education is the serious manner in which its leaders address issues. Is school curriculum exciting and engaging students with critical and creative thinking materials and activities? Huh! From the Texas perspective, that is not the issue. They grasp that evolution and sexual images are the most important ideas to confront.

I wonder how many educators in Texas in the course of a week access sexually stimulating images on the Internet? Then again, how many engage in sexual escapades outside of their marriages?