Thai Investigation Reveals Anti-Drug Campaign Horror

A new study by the government of Thailand reveals during the period of January-Februry, 2003, the administration of Thaskin Shinawatra instituted an anti-drug campaign which resulted in the deaths of at least 2,500 people. The program supposedly was set in motion in order to meet UN hopes for an effective approach to dealing with drugs that would be humane and respect individual rights. Instead, according to a source which is part of the current study, “those who implemented the order though they could do whatever it took to meet the target which was to reduce to drug traffickers.” It is estimated at least 1,400 of the deaths had nothing to do with reducing drugs but were linked to local police officers who simply were aiming at meeting target figures more than eliminating drugs in Thailand.

The war on drugs is among the most ineffective ever waged in the history of humankind. There are thousands of drugs which are legal and some which are not illegal. Historically, humans have been using drugs for a variety of reasons, but the 20th century has been characterized by an aimless program which repeatedly fails and invariably results in drug lords becoming wealthier. The aim of an effective drug program should be through education and other incentives to enable individuals to make decisions that would lead them not to use harmful drugs.