Thai Middleman Role In Dealing With Burma

Thailand Prime Minister Samak Sunaravej is arriving in Myanmar today where he will personally hand over an appeal to the military junta to allow more aid from the United Nations and other countries. He carries a personal plea from Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging the junta to allow in critically needed specialists whose expertise are invaiuable in dealing with the cyclone crisis. This is not the first time Samak has used his connection with the murderous thugs who run Burma in order to find a way to aid the people of that nation. Mr. Samak has cultivated good relations with the Burma generals and even called them “good Buddhists” after they cracked down on monks demonstrating for democracy.

The Thai government has even offered to use its own planes in order to fly in supplies from the United States but the gesture was declined by the xenophobic generals. They insist only Burmese will handle relief supplies and have even placed stickers on aid from other nations which claim the goods are donations from the benevolent rulers of their country. As of this date, only one US plane has been allowed to land with supplies.