Thai School Tests Parents Before Admitting Children

A school in Thailand, the Mathayom Thanbin Kamphaeng Salen school, now requires parents to pass a written test before the institution would consider admitting their child. Potential students receive a child-raising manual which they take home in order to educate their parents concerning what constitutes being a good parent. According to Nannapas Kamchan, a 14-year old student, “I wasn’t worried that my parents would fail. The test isn’t hard. They only needed to seriously study the materials.” Children are allowed to assist their parents when they take the test which requires at least a 70% grade for passing. Parents are also required to attend a training session every session where they are expected to brush up on parenting techniques. The school has also increased Buddhism classes where students work on merit-making, meditation and social services.

One can only wonder if such an effort should be required of potential presidential candidates in the United States. What if they had to pass an examination which tested their knowledge of American and world history? Which of the current candidates would score highest? Which lowest?