Thailand In Peace And War

Once upon a time in the far off land of Thailand there was an evil man who had a beautiful younger sister. The bad man was told to leave the country and go elswhere. His beautiful sister became very upset and she told her friends to become upset at the evil people who sent away her charming brother. Finally, the people of this fair kingdom gathered together and selected the beautiful sister as their leader. She returned to the castle and became head of the kingdom. As the months passed,she grew sorrowful because she could not see her fair brother who dwelt far, far away in another land. Finally, she issued a decree saying that her brother could return to the kingdom. However,evil people who had sent away her brother gathered in the streets of the kingdom to prevent his return.

As of this moment opponents of Prime Minister Yingluch Shimawatra are gathering to prevent here brother Thaksin from returning from his exile. She now faces the dilemma of either forcing her opponents to abandon their seige or leave them alone or drive them out. Either way she loses.