Thailand Leader Threatened With Arrest By Government

The People Power Party of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra swept to an overwhelming victory in last week’s parliamentary election, but Thaksin still faces problems if he attempts to return from his self-imposed exile in London. The Thai Attorney General warned that, “As soon as he sets foot in Thailand which he claims will be sometime between February and April of next year, he will face police arrest. An arrest warrant has already been issued for him a long time ago.” The billionaire Thai leader is charged with corruption, but he fears there would not be a fair trial if he returns. His party’s victory has definitely given new life to him even thought Thaksin told the press he was abandoning the political arena. That is probably the best course of action for this controversial figure who is expert at arousing passions among the poor people of Thailand.

Thaksin is loved by many poor people but he is hated by the military, and, most probably by the King of Thailand. It is perhaps to lay low for a few years and allow his political party a shot at governing before trying to return.