Thailand Oppresses Migrants

There have been several reports during the past few weeks concerning the mistreatment in
Thailand of the Rohingya minority who fled oppression in Burma only to encounter it in the land of Thailand. Reports say that hundreds were placed on rafts and let float in the sea with limited amount of food and water. Nearly 650 Muslim Rohingya have been rescued in waters of Indian and Indonesia. Prime Minister Abhist Veijajiva of Thailand made it clear his nation does not want illegal immigrants to remain in their land. “We have to solve the illegal immigrant problem otherwise it will affect our security, economy and the opportunities for Thai labor.” He blamed the Rohingya immigrants for seeking to establish their own enclave in Thailand and accused them and other illegal imigrants of being involved in human trafficking.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has asked Thailand to cooperate in checking into the condition of many Rohingya who have been placed under military supervision and will probably be towed out to sea. Every nation has a right to protect the interests of its own workers, but surely, there can be another way to deal with Rohingya refugees than tow them out to sea and just leave them to the waters of the ocean.