Thailand Thanks Thaksin Sister

Military leaders of Thailand a few years back drove Prime Minister Thaksin from power and sent him fleeing into exile. They feared his party was attempting to curb the power of the monarchy and wealthy who controlled the economy. Thaksin was unable to return home so he sent his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra to run for the legislature. Her Puea Thai party(For Thais) won an overwhelming majority in the legislature which means she will become the first female prime minister of Thailand. The real issue at this point is whether the military will allow her to assume the office of prime minister. If it attempts to prevent the red shirts from assuming power, there is the risk of civil war and civic disobedience.

Ms. Shinawatra has gained victory. It is time for those who control the nation to accept change. This includes the monarchy which up to this point has used its power to wield control of the government. Given insurgency in southern Thailand by Muslim groups, poverty, the influx of refugees from Burma, one can only wonder if she really wants power.