“Thank God, Russia Is Not Iraq” Putin Tells His Nation

In a three hour televised program in which President Putin responded to questions from the Russian people, he assured the nation Russia would not be bullied by the United States in the manner in which they have behaved in Iraq. He also told the audience Russia will engage in a new program to develop nuclear weapons and is prepared to “take retaliatory steps” if the United States does not halt its missile plans in Poland and the Czech Republic. He was asked about his future political plans and indicated his concern about the need to improve the effectiveness of the Duma-Russia’s parliament. Putin, in violation of Russian law which forbids using television prior to November 3rd to engage in political activity, praised his United Russia party for its work in the Duma. The head of the Election Commission said no action would be taken against the president for his remarks. After all, he is Vladmir Putin and can say and do what he wants.

The madness of America placing missile bases in Europe to guard against missiles from Iran has resulted in a new Russian nuclear program. There is not the slightest indication Iran has any plans to attack Europe with missiles and Bush’s plans are only exacerbating problems in the area. Hopefully, a new president will end this senseless idea for missile bases against non-existant missiles.