The 72 Year Old Siren Killed

I am 80 years old and my wife is 65 so when it comes to stories concerning love affairs among the elderly, I am the reporter who will be right on the scene. Carlo Trabona, a bricklayer in Italy, began to suspect his 72 year old wife of having an affair with one of his neighbors. Many men in their seventies– like me– would be proud of my wife if she could have an affair at age, 65, Heck, after 65 getting sexy is not as easy as when one is 25. Mr. Trabona caught up with one neighbor in a cafe and killed him, then pursued the other neighbor and killed him. Finally, –at age 72 it is not so easy running around with a gun trying to catch up to someone– the exhausted Italian version of Hugh Hefner, went home, somehow got through the door, found his wife and killed her. Then, he summoned up the energy to shoot himself and end this story of love and jealousy.

It is difficult terming this a sad story. His wife deserves some credit for being able to summon up the love bug at age, 72 and Mr. Trabona certainly spent the good part of a day running after people he wanted to shoot. Alas, the story is over, Shakespeare would have enjoyed this saga of love, passion and death, concluding with suicide.