The Aftermath Of Bush Democracy Building

During the past half century, and particularly the past eight years, the United States of America has focused on becoming involved in areas of the world under the guise of furthering the cause of democracy. In the aftermath of World War II, the Marshall Plan was primarily concerned with assisting other nations to rebuild their economies and it proved to be a great success. A recent article that caught my eye was an announcement by the Chinese government that it is now going into mass production of commercial jet planes. The proposed jet ARJ 21-700 will shortly be built and there already are at least 208 orders for it from nations including the United States. The item is not that important in the overall configuration of life, but it is merely one more example of how other nations focused on economic development while America pursued the crazy ideas of George Bush to become involved in wars that had no meaning.

The sun may well be setting on the America that has been so dominant in world affairs, but there is still hope if the nation’s productive talents are refocused on creating a vibrant economy. It is time for Americans to cease engaging in wars and conflicts that lead no where except to help people like George Bush win the presidency.