The Anger Of War And Death In Afghanistan

As the war in Afghanistan drags on year after year, the consequences are rising hate and anger among those fighting, particularly when their comrades die in senseless battles. Three Navy Seals face a court martial over allegations they allowed their anger at the death of comrades to employ excessive force in the detention of the person they believe was responsible for those deaths. According to a source, “that’s why they(Seals) went after him.” The Seals are charged with assaulting the detainee and making false statements concerning what happened. The charges include beating the suspect who they blamed for the death of comrades.

It is easy to claim that no one should use excessive force in dealing with those captured in combat. This war has dragged on and on for eight years! Who should be shocked that a group of Seals beat someone whom they blamed for the death of friends. Does this excuse the beatings? Of course not, but it does explain the situation. In the end, politician utter wise words of caution, but those who are physically and emotionally involved have difficulty shaking off the trauma of death.