The Anger This Time In Syria

Events in Syria resemble a motion picture which is being shown in slow motion. Thousands of people throng the streets every day only to encounter snipers and bullets which kill at least a dozen people as the daily toll of death. President Assad sits in Damascus issuing statements about something he terms “reform of government, ” which are ignored by virtually everyone in the country. Tanks roll into towns, soldiers jump from trucks with loaded weapons, they fire, people die, and the marches continue day after day.

Perhaps, it is time for Bashar al-Assad to examine what is happening to former president Mubarak in Egypt. He could have left the country with his entire family and escaped to Saudi Arabia which would never extradite the group. But, he lingered on hoping for something. The end result is he lies in a cot in a courtroom and his sons rot in jails. There are moments in life when one gets the heck out of trouble when he can. Alas, Bashar still has not gotten the message of fleeing for your life–when you still can!