The Bachman Affair

There is abundant evidence that the Obama administration has made America’s number one intellectual leader of the Republican party a target for destruction. Congresswoman Bachmann is undoubedly the leader of conservatives in America and her insightful comments during the past campaign simply made clear that had she been selected as the Republican candidate to oppose the black man from Kenya, this nation would enjoy booming times. Just think, babies being born, new jobs, new homes, a woman with encyclopedic knowledge of foreign affairs as our leader, wow-what a difference from who now sits in the Oval office.

OK, so she is under investigation by the Federal Election Committee, the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee and now the FBI. Has anyone noted that Muslim terrorists are key figures in these groups? Just remember, extremism in the cause of saving America allows cutting a few corners.

As I recall, Ms. Bachmann was considering citizenship from Switzerland. Hmm.