The Big Lie Not Tolerated In Iran!

As anyone who is not in the pay of the CIA or other western intelligence agencies knows, there was a fair election in Iran last June in which the grateful people of Iran gave their beloved president Ahmadinejad an overwhelming victory. After all, who else could have taken billions in oil profits and made certain they had no effect on stimulating the Iranian economy? Who else but the Great Leader Ahmadinejad would be able to know exactly how many votes he would obtain in any single district before voters had even voted? Who else but the man who knows all would be able to secure MORE VOTES IN A DISTRICT THAN THERE WERE VOTERS! Let’s be honest, to achieve such results it requires a political genius, not a demagogue.

Mohammad Nabi Habibi, one of the lackeys who drool each night at the prospect of standing close to the beloved leader wants those who spread the infamous lie that somehow fraud occurred in the election to be sent directly to jail. “I believe Mousavi and all those who propogated this big lie must face trial in a court of law.” I think Habibi is right, the problem right now is where oh where can one find a court of law in Iran these days? Oh well, who the heck needs law these days in Iran which now leads the world in killing people who oppose the government. Off with their heads, but let’s not really count the election ballots