The Bird Is Free–For The Moment

The military thugs who have run Burma for over two decades have feared to kill the main opponent to their brutality and preferred to force Aung San Suu Kyi to remain locked in her home and prevented to leave. Yesterday, after staging an “election” in which there was only one person running for a seat in the legislature they decided to allow her to be free. Of course, no one knows if her freedom is long term or for a fleeting moment. Thousands appeared at her home which has been her prison for years and she came out and spoke: “I am so glad to see so many people here and so happy to be free. There is a time to be quiet and a time to talk.” Most probably, knowing her, this time she will talk about freedom for the people of her country. The only question is whether the thugs who run the nation will dare to allow a free voice to speak.

We hope she can remain free. We doubt that she will remain free. We know leaders of the world will not do anything to help the people of Burma.After all, there is wealth to be made by being buddies with the crooks who run the country.