The Bombs Of Baghdad Continue Exploding

It was just another morning assembly outside headquarters of the 11th division of the Iraq army and new recruits had gathered to be dispatched to an assignment. One of the recruits moved among the crowd, quiet, fingering his chest, fiddling with buttons, and when he had reached the center of the group, his hand opened the shirt, reached for a switch and blew himself up. Arms, legs, heads fell to the ground, sounds of moaning and pain could be heard, shouts of confusion, claims that a car had exploded, but it was simply another suicide bomber who had decided to enter Heaven through the violent entrance. Who knows exactly what was in his mind, glory at his death, promises of eternal rewards, loyalty to his comrades, whatever. At least 60 recruits died yesterday and dozens were wounded. The death toll continues rising as American forces continue their movement out of Iraq.

One wonders what George Bush did yesterday. Did he chop wood, did he reflect on deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq that are the result of his policies of violence? One doubts such thoughts ever enter his mind. Over 500 Iraqis died in July. Who knows how many will die in August. George Bush doesn’t know or does he ever hold himself responsible.