The Bronze Statue In Estonia Continues Causing Problems

The decision of the Estonian government to transfer a statue of a Russian soldier has created widespread anger throughout Russia. There have been protests at the Estonian Embassy in Moscow and thousands have marched in protest. “The decision of the Estonian government to transfer a monument in Tallinn that Russians call the Soviet soldier-liberator generated open hostility from ethnic Russians living in Estonia and in Russia itself.” The roots of the conflict stem from actions of the Soviet Union which drove the Nazis from Estonia in World War II, but also incorporated that nation within the Soviet Union. “As long as Russians continue to turn a blind eye to parts of the history of Soviet repression,” argued the Moscow Times, there will be continued conflict with its neighbors.
Information from The Moscow Times

Eastern Europe was occupied or controlled by the Soviet Union for fifty years and regarded communism as a system imposed upon their societies. There is now a natural reaction to that period of time by nations which are now free. Unfortunately, the heroic efforts of the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi Germany are being overlooked by many East Europeans who can only see evil in Russian behavior and fail to recognize the actions of the Soviet Union saved them from a worse fate – life under a Nazi Germany.