The Chinese Are Coming!

A new ad by a Republican politician has an Asian reporter recounting a fictional story about failure on the part of the United States to avoid borrowing money from China resulted in the nation being taken over by the Chinese government. The Chinese “reporter” says, “America became its own worse enemy. When all their borrowed money ran out, they kept spending out of control. Their President Obama just kept on raising the debt limit–and their independence became a new dependence.” And the result was that Chinese troops entered the US and marched through the streets of Washington D.C. which then raised the red flag of China atop the Washington Monument. Republican ZMark Amodei who is running for Congress appears to promise the American people, “I’ll never vote to raise Obama’s debt limit and risk our independence.”

Well, let’s look at the record:

1. In 1980, Ronald Reagan assumed the office of president and inherited a national debt of $900 Billion. He left office in 1988 and left a national debt of $2 Trillion. In 2001, George Bush inherited a national debt of $5 Trillion and when he left it was $11 Trillion. How come folks like Amodei were not upset when Republicans kept on doubling our national debt and raising the debt limit?