The Chinese “Threat”

For the past hundred years whenever American political leaders with to frighten the nation all they have to do is warn about the “yellow peril” from China. Just think, the Chinese government built “An aircraft carrier!” Wow, that is some threat to the American navy which has Twelve Aircraft Carrier groups. China’s next leader, Xi Jinping called on the United States to calm down and engage in realistic thinking about military strength in Asia. He argued the US should be more concerned about its economic health than engaging in expensive military activities against non-existence enemies.

“At a time when people long for peace, stability and development, to deliberately give prominence to the military security agenda, scale up military deployment and strengthen military alliances is not really what most countries in the region hope to see.”

Even as he spoke Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were sounding demands for an ever large military force to confront –what and who over what?